Aghaz is specially prepared by LPF experts for children who need to improve their basic reading and writing skills of English and Urdu languages. It is exclusively developed for children enrolled in TCF adopted government schools.

in Just 3 Months

Urdu Literacy

Only TWO hours a day for ninety days makes it possible for an absolutely non-literate person to read and write Urdu successfully as well as acquire mathematical skills required for basic selling or purchasing.

in Just 4 Months

English Literacy

This 240 hour program is tested and proven to be highly beneficial for the people of Pakistan. Pakistani people belonging to diversified social and lingual backgrounds have achieved the intended targets of this program.

in Just 5 Months

Primary Education

The convenience of two hours a day class five month program covers all the key skills and concepts from kindergarten to class five. In just five months an individual grasps the knowledge covered in primary classes.

in Just 1 Year

Elementary Education

This program squeezes three years of elementary education (grades 6, 7 and 8) in one year. By giving two hours a day for one year a learner covers all the course materials require to pursue class 9th studies in Pakistan.

in Just 2 years

Secondary Education

At the end of the elementary program a learner can decide to pursue matriculation at any school or privately. By now the learner has developed all the required subject knowledge, reading ability and writing skills needed.

Learn Anywhere

Mobile Apps

Now its possible to attain literacy without attending any classes. This app enables a person to gain literacy in a short time, independently. No tuition required. The interactive app starts with the sounds of alphabets.

The teachers have commented that they way they were taught by LPF to teach these books is unique and very effective in helping their students understand easily.
Program Manager

Rudaina Siddiqi

This program has produced results in most remote mountain areas of Swat. students can read and write now. It Works!


These are excellent literacy books for adult females. Now females can read and write.