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According to UNICEF, there are about 22.8 million children out-of-school in Pakistan. This is the second-highest percentage of out-of-school students in the world. Moreover, most of them belong to elementary education. There are various reasons why young adults that are unable to continue their studies, such as funds, time, untrained teachers, etc. The researchers at LPF wanted to end the literacy gap. Therefore, we started conducting research in different areas of Pakistan. After years of research, we came up with Jugnoo elementary education. It includes the most important curriculum from grades 6, 7 and 8. Altogether, it helps learners cover three different grades in just one year.

It has many different benefits. The flexibility of time is one of its benefits. The learner can pursue other activities with it, as well. Jugnoo elementary education is a great way for learners to rejoin their educational journey. It’s suitable for all sorts of learners like dropouts, overage, or low-income. By giving two hours, a day the learner covers all the course materials needed to promote into class 9th. Hence, the subjects in elementary education include:

Chapters with creative writing, speaking, critical thinking activities.

Lots of reading, exercises, writing, and grammar.

Easy-to-difficult topics with lots of practice.

Learn about your region and the world.

Covers all important curriculum topics.

Watch sample videos

Students just need a mobile phone or any other gadget and receive video lessons via WhatsApp or YouTube. These videos cover each segment of the elementary book.


We are here to give you our complete support. We provide support to teachers for a smooth implementation. Furthermore, we give them a manual, daily planner, and assessment papers.

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Welcome to Literate Pakistan Foundation!
Welcome to Literate Pakistan Foundation!