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About 29% of Pakistan’s adult population has low or no literary skills. Most of them didn’t get an education because of poverty. Therefore, they had to start earning at a very young age. They are still working and have no time to learn. The best possible way to focus on workers education is to start an employee education program. It develops their skill, grows their knowledge and advances their careers. Moreover, it benefits the personal growth of the individuals.

Artistic Milliners is one of the companies that started an employee education program. They are the top manufacturers of denim with thousands of employees. Women make up about half of its workforce. Furthermore, AM considers employee development as an essential part of their business. They believe in the continuous improvement of their employees. Therefore, to give workers education, AM adopted a program by LPF.

Teaching with Jugnoo

workers education

LPF has about six literacy programs that help improve literacy. AM adopted our program, Jugnoo, which includes four books related to Math and Urdu. The books are completely research-based and also include training and other material needed to set up a literacy center.

Artistic gives workers education in about 21 centers that they have inside their factories. Today, about 1350 employees have successfully completed Jugnoo program. Currently, there are about a hundred enrolled learners. Artistic teaches six days a week for about 40 minutes per day. They complete the Jugnoo program in about 6-8 months.

The Impact

Meet Basra Khatoon.

We interview a few participants of the Jugnoo program. After studying themselves, they know the importance of education. They expressed their gratitude and their love for learning. The learners encourage their own kids to study further and do homework with them. The employees are now confident. They can read the rules on company premises.

The women workers were particularly highly excited. There were tears of joy in their eyes. Moreover, they help their children do their homework. It is also very easy for them to calculate their salaries and organize their finances. Furthermore, education has helped workers in their daily-life tasks. Tasks such as reading newspapers, writing simple letters, filling and signing forms. In addition, it helps them pay bills, read, and send text messages on mobile phones.

workers education

Studying while working is an exciting experience for the employees. Moreover, they don’t feel burdened at all. In addition, many are 40 years or older, reading a book for the first time ever. Older learners can now tell stories to their grandkids.

Teaching adults is the best possible thing to do to teach multiple people at once. It creates a great impact on society. It changes the lives of not a singular person but everyone close to them.

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