Who can benefit?

People across Pakistan benefit from LPF programs. Pakistani people from different social and linguistic backgrounds prefer to use it. They use it for both young and adult literacy program



Now your students can get Urdu literacy along with English literacy during their Hifz or Darse Nizami studies. We can train madrassa teachers for this purpose.



If you run a Non-Government Organization and want to make a meaningful contribution to Pakistani society, join us. We will guide you in organizing an effective literacy program.

Jugnoo program is a dynamic education and literacy program. It leads students to matriculation, along with e-commerce training. Therefore, it’s a perfect Adult literacy program.



Research shows us that literacy helps you make employees more efficient. It can help your employees become more productive. In addition, it improves interpersonal skills.

Jugnoo Adult literacy program is helping organizations increase productivity. To complete this literacy program, you only need to spare the following.

  • A few minutes
  • Every day
  • For a few months


Become a more confident mother by getting Urdu and English Reading literacy. You can check your Child’s schoolwork and educate them at home. At the end of the program, you can even write a letter. Moreover, you can learn to do the math and check all your bills independently. It’s a great fast-track adult literacy program.


Vocational Training Centers

Add literacy to your vocational training. A literate graduate of your vocational training center will be more productive and confident.

We design our literacy strategies scientifically. Helping you give your students Urdu and English literacy in just a few months.

School Dropouts

School Dropouts

We have a program for students who are out of school for a few years. Even at a later age, they can restart their journey with the LPF adult literacy program. Furthermore, now they want to restart their educational journey.

Our one-year primary program is fantastic for these students. It’s for students who require a fast-track education.

This program covers reading literacy, along with creative writing skills.


Non-Urdu Speakers

Nearly one billion people around the world speak Urdu (and its sister dialect Hindi).

The Urdu language is the doorway to the great civilization of the Indian Subcontinent. Also, Urdu is a sister language of Arabic and Persian. Consequently, learning Urdu makes it easier for you to learn Arabic and Persian.

We can help you learn Urdu in a short time. Our Urdu literacy program includes listening, speaking, reading and writing literacy strategies. Hence, it works best for both young, and adult literacy.

We can also provide you with an online Urdu teacher if you wish.



Do you have a student who needs extra help to develop English, and Urdu literacy skills? Is there a student in your school who needs some extra push to come to the class level?

We design our Agaaz program to do that, exactly. It’s a two-month crash program of Urdu, Maths, and English.

It’s quick, effective and easy to apply. So, get your free training now. Uplift the educational competency of your below-average students in a few weeks.



A factory productivity increases when workforce becomes literate with the help of our program.



Improve educational foundation of weak students in just 40 days with the help of our syllabus



All community interventions become more effective by using our literacy programs.



Students of Madaris can acquire matriculation within four years by allocating two hours a day.



Excellent Literacy programs for organization look for a good CSR.

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Welcome to Literate Pakistan Foundation!
Welcome to Literate Pakistan Foundation!