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Here at LPF, we have a team of experienced experts. They work to improve the state of education and literacy. Moreover, they have great knowledge of curriculum development, as well as training.

The work of LPF is far different from school education. We specialize in developing fast track education and literacy programs. Over the years, we had the opportunity to work in almost all regions of Pakistan. Our experience in both R&D and training enabled us to spread education and literacy. As a result, we are successful in the remotest areas of Pakistan.

However, the most important thing to know about us is our constant urge to improve. We work on improving the LPF education and literacy programs. It’s a continuous process for the last twenty years. Over the years, the results of our programs have improved many folds.

How do we ensure the quality of LPF Education and Literacy Programs?

Firstly, our team believes in developing the most effective programs. That’s why; we use the latest techniques and pedagogical methods. Therefore, we are always in search of the latest research from around the world.

Secondly, we manage a well-organized feedback loop. It involves taking feedback from stakeholders. It can be learners or teachers. Hence, their feedback allows us to make improvements. It helps us make our programs better frequently.

We also give you full support to help you best implement, such as assessments for each program. We also have baseline assessments. These assessments provide you with information about a student. It enables you to choose the LPF program for the learner.

Our team has conducted pioneering research. We researched in Urdu and the English language around phonics and word building. Hence, it’s the backbone of our programs.

We ensure a high quality of training and support all across Pakistan. To do that, our trainers and monitors are always on the move. No region is too far for us, and no terrain is too difficult.

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Welcome to Literate Pakistan Foundation!
Welcome to Literate Pakistan Foundation!