Remedial Education

Aghaz remedial education program covers basic educational skills. It can enable students to meet their class level in a limited time. The remedial education program consists of two packages. Moreover, each package includes three basic subjects, English, Urdu, and Math.

Package A Urdu consists of beginning & ending sounds, small & capital letters, 2, 3 & 4 letter words. Furthermore, it also includes keywords phrases, creative writing, and storytelling. All these features develop creative and critical thinking. They also help learners in further studies, making the current classes easy.

Learn beginning & ending sounds, four-letter words, creative writing & storytelling.

Intro of beginning sound, letter writing, phonic and action words, creative writing.

Intro to numbers subtracts, multiply, division, tables, and geometric.

The math book includes numbers 1 to 100, place value, Addition, and hour numbers. Furthermore, it consists of flat & solid shapes from real things, stories of geometrical shapes, and much more. In addition, English has beginning sounds, grass, sky & root letters, creative writing, opposites, etc.

Aghaz is a research-based remedial education. It improves the learning skills of students. Moreover, it makes them high-achieving students in a short time.

The Aghaz program has two main subjects. Any student that needs assistance in these subjects can obtain the program. Package A outlines basic concepts for Class 1 to 3 levels.


To ensure the best quality, we carry out different activities. It helps us monitor and evaluate. Therefore, we conduct them throughout the program. Therefore, we take a baseline assessment, an evaluation test (after the book), Grading learner performance, and much more.

With a great curriculum, Aghaz includes great supporting material as well. The supporting material for the Aghaz program is all of the below.

Aghaz program builds their skills in just two months. In addition, the remedial program can help them succeed in reading, writing, and mathematical sums.

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Welcome to Literate Pakistan Foundation!
Welcome to Literate Pakistan Foundation!