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English Learning

English Learning

A short and basic English learning program has become necessary for most people. That’s because about 40% of Pakistan is illiterate. Most of these people are unfamiliar with English literacy. Moreover, they are either short on funds or time. Hence, they needed an easy and short program to learn basic English. LPF conducted research. It took us a few years to make an English program that could help people in just four months.


The literacy program helps a person read and write English. Furthermore, it has two different books. The books include levels one and two. Moreover, it takes just 240 hours to complete it.

Introduction of keyword, vowels, blending of three-letter words, small & capital letters, roman words & sounds through IIPR. In addition, the practice of reading & writing.

Introduction of digraphs, suffixes, prefixes, 'wh-words, sentence making, picture description. Moreover, creative writing, computer literacy & e-commerce.

Jugnoo includes the most commonly used 250 English language words. It also focuses on four basic language skills. For example, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The book teaches English in the simplest possible way. English learning program teaches through the IIPR way. Moreover, it has an introduction, identification, and review. By the end of the program, students achieve grade three-level English.

Today, thousands of people have learned English through this program. In addition, the people of Pakistan acclaim this program as highly useful.

Watch sample videos

LPF lesson videos are accessible on WhatsApp and online. Moreover, these lessons are easiest to use and understand by students.


The Jugnoo program is vastly successful in Pakistan. Furthermore, it’s the FIRST literacy program developed just for Pakistani people. We built it on people’s social and religious values. People from different segments can benefit from our English learning program. Moreover, we give you our complete support. Therefore, you can easily teach or learn basic English. Here’s the material we provide.

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Welcome to Literate Pakistan Foundation!
Welcome to Literate Pakistan Foundation!