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Aghaz remedial program is the best way to prepare for classes between 4 to 7. Students can cover their classes more efficiently after learning through these books. Package B covers an impactful curriculum that makes it the best remedial program.

Aghaz package B is an excellent remedial program for basic subjects like English, Urdu, and Math. The math book covers great skills that prepare students for advanced math. Some of the things that the book covers are the place value of numbers, ascending & descending order, factors, and factorization. Moreover, it covers fractions, multiplies, and decimals. We teach measurements, geometry, and other topics with lots of exercises. It makes learners perfect in the subject and enables them to remember these skills.

Learn comprehension, sentence making & storytelling, grammar, and letter writing.

Intro of sounds, 3-letter words, pronouns, English to Urdu translation, comprehension, storytelling and easy writing.

Understand factors, multiplication inverse, decimal system & geometry.

The Urdu Aghaz book has great aspects that enable learners to read and write quickly. This book is great for students that have missed some classes or are weak in their studies. This remedial program is perfect for learners to excel in Urdu. The Urdu book covers grammar, sentence-making, comprehension, and storytelling.

The curriculum of the Aghaz program is entirely research-based. Therefore, the curriculum covers multiple skills. We also give our complete support to help you implement this course progressively. Moreover, the English book consists of new words, letter sounds, translation from English to Urdu, stories, etc.


Teacher training is an important part of our program. That’s because it helps teachers implement the program. The teaching method for this curriculum is unique. Hence, our master trainers skillfully deliver this training. They train the teacher to give students basic educational skills. We also have a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system.

You can easily start the Aghaz program in your school or home. With the help of our complete support.

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