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Urdu Learning

Fast Track Urdu Learning

LPF Jugnoo Urdu literacy is the easiest program for Urdu Learning for adults. This program teaches learners basic and necessary skills. Furthermore, these skills help them in their daily lives, such as reading the latest news to writing groceries.

This 180-hour-long Urdu learning for adults program is the quickest. The students only need two hours a day for ninety days. However, individuals can spend more time. Those who spend more than two hours a day can end the program even earlier. Overall, it takes just three months.

The Urdu literacy set includes the following four books:

Learners will be capable of reading and writing the basic letters with the help of phonetic teaching.

It teaches consonants and vowels to make two letters, three letters, and four letters words.

The learner will read and write simple sentences and letter writing.

In this Book, the learner will be capable of doing basic math.

People from different backgrounds can benefit from this LPF literacy program. Since it’s a research-based program. At the end of the program, learners can achieve grade five level Urdu skills. Along with Urdu, it also teaches Math. It helps learners with selling or purchasing.

Watch sample videos

The LPF programs have complete lesson videos for each page of the book. Students can watch these 6-10 minutes on their own and complete the Urdu literacy program.

Best Urdu Learning for Adults

The benefits of the LPF Urdu learning for adults have made it popular in Pakistan. People around the country choose to use this. Moreover, helpful resources make teaching hassle-free.

Team LPF tries its best to make sure every learner achieves the program targets. Along with learners, we also assess the teachers and center. We assess the center environment and evaluate the teacher. Then grade teacher performance. Furthermore, we also give a certificate to trainers and learners for this Urdu learning for adults program.

LPF Urdu learning for adults program includes easy-to-use and free resources. Here are the resource materials for the program:

Teacher Manuals
Daily Planner
Final Assessments
Video Lessons

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