Pakistan’s Fastest Accelerated Learning Program

Good news! A non-literate person can do Matric in just 4 years giving approximately 2 hours a day 6 days a week. Indeed, this is Pakistan’s most scientifically designed and widely tested accelerated learning program syllabus.

Accelerated learning is possible with the help of a research-based syllabus and professionally developed video lessons. We provide these video lessons to learners on-demand through WhatsApp free of cost. Furthermore, video lessons are available on the Literate Pakistan Foundation website.

Research-based Accelerated Learning Program Syllabus

    The accelerated learning program syllabus is designed after years of research by the top educationists in the country. Here are some latest methods used in this syllabus that make it fast and effective:

  1. For the first time, the most frequently used words of the Urdu language were collected for this purpose. These words are in easy to difficult sequences in this syllabus.
  2. Phonic method to teach both Urdu and English languages.
  3. IPR (Introduction, Practice & Review) sequence for effective learning of all the concepts.
  4. Text is arranged in easy to difficult order of sentences and paragraphs, making it possible for learners to acquire more in a shorter time.

How to Implement the Accelerated Learning Program?

The two-hour daily time is good for completing the entire matric program in 4 years. However, learners can allocate only a few minutes a day or 5 hours daily for this program, depending on their availability. In other words, the duration of the program increases or decreases based on the time allocated for learning.

Furthermore, there is no restriction on place. A learner can go through this accelerated learning program while sitting at any location. In other words, there is no need to follow a fixed routine or a formal classroom. All they require are workbooks and access to WhatsApp. It’s good for a large segment of the Pakistani population. Moreover, this program is suitable for both males and females.

Who Can Benefit?

Sequence of the Program

Accelerated Learning Program


Urdu Literacy in 3 months  (3 workbooks, doesn't include Riazi)

Accelerated Learning Program


English literacy in 3 months  (2 workbooks) 

Accelerated Learning Program


Primary education in 6 months  (5 books and notebooks)

Accelerated Learning Program


Elementary (Middle) education in one year (5 books and notebooks)

How to Complete Matric?

After completing these programs, they can take ninth and tenth exams from their relevant board.

Surely, at the end of every book, there is an assessment. We conduct it formally in a school or informally by a friend or a family member. However, the school will take the pre-board exams for 9th and 10th affiliated with this program.

Additionally, we provide a baseline test before the start of this program to assess the existing educational competency of the person. A learner can choose between the following Matric streams:




A matric in humanities can be done privately. However, the science or technical stream learner will have to enroll in a school for practical.

Furthermore, some boards have age restrictions for doing Matric. A person must be within a certain age bracket to enroll for the ninth and tenth exams. For this purpose, the interested candidate will be provided with a list of age limits for each board.

Surely, learners can complete their education until grade 8th and then get technical training. These trainings are offered by several organizations all across Pakistan now.

How to Get Involved?

1. Be a spokesperson for this program. Help us enroll as many individuals on this program as possible. Motivate the people to take a step forward and get enrolled.

2. Serve as an informal checker to see if learners learn appropriately. You can also volunteer to check their assessment papers.

3. Donate to our Book Bank. This book bank will provide books free of cost to students who can’t afford them.

4. You can run a centre to implement this accelerated learning program. It’s a good idea for existing schools, CBOs and Madrassa. So step forward joined the most incredible educational movement of all time!

Price List of All Programs Books

Urdu Literacy Program

Jugnoo Sabaq Awal

Jugnoo Sabaq Doum

Jugnoo Sabaq Soum

Jugnoo Sabaq Riazi


Rs. 300

Rs. 300

Rs. 300

Rs. 300

Rs. 1,200

English Literacy Program

Jugnoo English Level-1

Jugnoo English Level-2


Rs. 300

Rs. 300

Rs. 600

Primary Education

Primary English

Primary Social Studies

Primary Science

Primary Urdu

Primary Math


Rs. 390

Rs. 330

Rs. 490

Rs. 360

Rs. 480

Rs. 2,050

Middle Education

Elementary English

Elementary Social Studies

Elementary Science

Elementary Urdu

Elementary Math


Rs. 410

Rs. 490

Rs. 550

Rs. 330

Rs. 570

Rs. 2,350

For Buying Books Plz Contact: 0336-6573573

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