Aaghai Wins Big!

TCF, a non-profit education, wanted to provide literacy to out-of-school kids in underprivileged areas. LPF created four months Aaghai program for this purpose. After this program, people can read newspapers, write letters, manage finances, etc. Winner of UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy 2017.

Non Profit Education

LPF is making research-based programs for 20 years now. We also have expertise in creating a great curriculum and giving training. Hence, TCF collaborated with us to educate the underprivileged.

TCF is a non-profit education. Moreover, it is one of the largest networks of schools in the world. They wanted a program that could teach people with limited resources. People with low income, gender inequality and cultural struggles. Moreover, those who have literacy and endless poverty.

They also considered the economic factors of Pakistan. Since it’s one of the main reasons why literacy is very low in Pakistan. Limited resources put a strain on their ability to study. Here at LPF, we took these factors into count to give TCF an effective program.

About 12 years ago, TCF introduced an Aaghai program. It is a program based on the LPF Jugnoo literacy program. Jugnoo includes 4 books that cover Urdu and Math. In addition, its main aim is to help the community. Furthermore, it takes only 90 days to complete the program. People with limited time and resources find it best. By the end of the program, the students can easily read and write basic Urdu. Moreover, they can manage a bank account, pay bills, etc.

Here’s what each of the 4 books includes:

Awwal (First): Enables the learner to read basic letters through phonics and write basic letters and words.

Doum (Second): Learn the use of consonants and vowels, make their words and do grammar.

Soum (Third): Read and write simple sentences as well as newspaper, do letter writing and comprehension.

Riazi (Math): Practice basic math skills that are used in daily life.

To learn more about the program: https://lpf.org.pk/our-programs-literacy-education/urdu-learning/

Aaghai is a successful non-profit education program. Most importantly, there are 97% of women enrolled in this program. It has helped them a lot in their daily lives. They’re able to run a household, make purchases and support their children. They can help them with their homework. In addition, they also encourage their kids to study.

LPF is responsible for the support during this program. Therefore, we give training, monitoring, and evaluation. We also give training on phonemic methods for teachers to introduce letters. Further-more, we use the IIPR method. It means introduction, practice, and review. After students complete the program, we take their assessments. Then we give them certificates.

Non Profit Education

In 2017, UNESCO honoured TCF with their Confucius Prize for Literacy. It’s a prize for the people working towards bringing up the literacy rate. Running for many years now, Aaghai has made a great impact on the literacy of Pakistan.

LPF worked with TCF for years to contribute to non-profit education across Pakistan. It has been a great journey with them. The wonderful success stories of Aaghai graduates inspire us to do more every day.


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