Urdu Literacy


Urdu Literacy in Just 3 Months

In just THREE months, this literacy program enables a person to:

  • Read an Urdu newspaper
  • Write a letter in Urdu language
  • Do everyday math

Only TWO hours a day for ninety days makes it possible for an absolutely non-literate person to read and write Urdu successfully as well as acquire mathematical skills required for basic selling or purchasing.

This 180-hour long Urdu literacy program is the fastest and the most effective in the world. Individuals who spend more than two hours a day can complete the program even earlier.

Following resource materials are available for this program:

  • Baseline assessment
  • Monthly assessments
  • End of the program assessment
  • Teachers guide in printed format
  • Teachers guide in audio format
  • Teachers guide in video format
  • ‘Completion of Training’ certificate for the individuals trained by us to teach this program
  • ‘Completion of Literacy Program’ certificate for the learners
  • Soft copies of fliers, handouts and banners that you can use to promote this program



This program is the only scientifically designed Urdu literacy program. Its salient features include:

  • Letter sounds are introduced through phonetic method
  • Initial reading development through lower case letters
  • Based on graded vocabulary
  • Introduction, Identification Practice and Review (IIPR) is used to develop reading and writing skills
  • On completing the program the learner achieves grade five level competency of Urdu language

People who benefit from this program include:

  • Industrial workers
  • Non literate mothers of school going children
  • Farm workers
  • Laborers
  • Madrasa students enrolled in Hifz or Alim programs
  • Students of formal schools who need extra help to meet basic reading and writing skills
  • Manual staff in a home or office
  • Dropped out students who would like to restart their educational journey


Contact for details

Hundreds of literacy centers are operational at any given moment. We will be glad to arrange for your visit to a literacy center where you can interact with the learners and their teacher. Call Ms Humaira Kaleem at (+92)21-34970331 or 0321-9203855 for more information.