Dramatic improvement in the behavior of students



Literacy Program for Schools

You need Literate Pakistan programs for you students who have a weak academic foundation. A student will benefit from our programs, if he or she has any three or more of the following problems:

  • Cannot read and comprehend simple sentences either in Urdu or English
  • Urdu or English handwriting is not legible
  • Have problem spelling out words in Urdu or English
  • Does not meet the class level, thus has trouble completing class work on time
  • Keeps forgetting the course materials covered a few days back
  • Pays little attention in the class, thus have problems copying from the board
  • Keeps forgetting the instructions delivered by the teacher
  • Keep making those ‘silly’ mistakes such as: punctuation (language) and carry over (mathematics)
  • Cannot do creative writing

Literate Pakistan programs can help such students come up to the class level. Our programs can help such children develop a strong foundation of three key subjects:

  • Improve Listening, speaking, reading, handwriting and creative writing skills of Urdu language.
  • Develop reading, handwriting and creative writing skills of English language through phonetic method
  • Get ample practice of basic mathematical functions

Within forty to sixty days most students come up to their class level. There is a dramatic improvement in the behavior of such students after they go through a Literate Pakistan program. After going through our programs, students have:

  • More confidence
  • Higher self esteem
  • Ability to do homework independently
  • Perform work as per the instructions delivered by the teacher
  • More serious attitude towards education
  • Better personal outlook and personality


Starting a Literate Pakistan program in your school is easy. We will provide free of cost online training to your teachers. You only have to pay for the books. Please contact us to initiate this program in your school.

Contact for details

Hundreds of literacy centers are operational at any given moment. We will be glad to arrange for your visit to a literacy center where you can interact with the learners and their teacher. Call Ms Humaira Kaleem at (+92)21-34970331 or 0321-9203855 for more information.