Literacy Program for NGO

Meaningful change is possible only through literacy. “LITERACY FIRST,” Is the slogan if you are interested in seeing a better Pakistan. Most of the problems at personal and social level are due to the lack of sufficient reading and writing skills of the masses.

Literacy is the key component of all social change. It has to be integrated into any program you plan to offer to people living under the poverty line. Here are some examples of how literacy can be integrated into different types of community works:

If you are providing health and medical care

Run a literacy center parallel to your health care program. This will help you bring a long lasting change in the way people live. It will help you create a more conscious society. Once literate, people will be able to adapt to a healthy life style.

If you are running a skill center

Literacy is an integral part of a skill center. Skills with literacy helps people earn more as literate people are more informed. Literacy brings better communication skill, which is an integral part of customer service. A literate person is more confident in establishing his or her own shop or business.


If you are working for women’s rights

Literate male members of a society are more inclined towards respecting females. Moreover, literacy makes a female more confident. Literacy brings the ability to makes decisions. Start literacy centers for both male and female members of a community and see women of the area gaining more rights, naturally.

If you are working to increase school enrollment or prevent dropout rate of a local school

Studies show that children of a literate mother are more confident and forward looking with higher self esteem as compared to the children of an illiterate mother. Take a mother through our literacy program and see her taking care of her children’s educational needs, independently!


Here are some other community works that would benefit by integrating literacy into their programs:

  1. Environment
  2. Voters education
  3. Farmers welfare
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Microfinance
  6. Income generation

If you are part of an NGO or involved in social work at your community level then running a literacy center is just a four step process:

  1. Learn from us how to create awareness in your community for literacy
  2. Secure funding
  3. Get teachers’ training from us
  4. Start a center


Most low income/under privileged communities across Pakistan now see the need for literacy. Most of these communities are willing to pay a nominal fee for such a program. You can charge the learners for the books and your time. This will bring a sustained income and lots of respect for you!

Contact for details

Hundreds of literacy centers are operational at any given moment. We will be glad to arrange for your visit to a literacy center where you can interact with the learners and their teacher. Call Ms Humaira Kaleem at (+92)21-34970331 or 0321-9203855 for more information.