Literacy Program for Madaris

  1. Year One:             Primary education (up to class five)
  2. Year Two:             Elementary education (class 6th, 7th and 8th)
  3. Year Three:          Ninth (based on board syllabus of your area)
  4. Year Four:            Tenth (based on board syllabus of your area)


The four year matriculation has multiple benefits for madrassa going students:

  1. It develops students creative writing skills
  2. The program helps them understand a host of contemporary issues
  3. Their scientific knowledge is enhance many folds
  4. Good English language skills help madrassa students communicate at various platforms
  5. They can access the vast body of knowledge available on World Wide Web.
  6. It leads them toward self reliance by providing them with basic academic skills required for a job or self employment
  7. Offers them an opportunity to purse higher education in a college

The contents of the Literate Pakistan four year matriculation program are shariya compliant. Every word of this whole program adheres to the teachings of Quran and sunnah.

Our experienced staff provides every madrassa with all the technical support required to run this program smoothly. Here is the list of supports available for a madrassa:

  1. Yearly planning of the entire program
  2. Lesson plans
  3. Suggestions to help special need students
  4. Baseline assessment
  5. Monthly assessments
  6. Yearly assessments
  7. Soft copies of report cards
  8. Teachers training for each component of the program
  9. Class segmentation by class and abilities


Contact for details

Hundreds of literacy centers are operational at any given moment. We will be glad to arrange for your visit to a literacy center where you can interact with the learners and their teacher. Call Ms Humaira Kaleem at (+92)21-34970331 or 0321-9203855 for more information.