Literacy Program for Industries

Studies show that literate workforce is more productive than the non literate one. Literate employees have higher company loyalty. Here are some more benefits of a literate work force (we are grateful to National Foods, English Biscuits and Crescent Group for conducting these studies in Pakistan):

Reduce chances of on job injuries

Better health and hygiene

Improved awareness of quality standards

Increased ability to follow written instructions

Better team work

Most industries prefer to spare one and half hour a day for literacy classes instead of the standard two hours. This helps a company in meeting production targets as well as providing onsite literacy classes. The Literate Pakistan programs give an organization the flexibility to change the duration of class timings. The process of establishing literacy classes is simple:

A survey is conducted by our expert to:

  • Find out the number of total non literate employees
  • Identify literate employees who can be trained as literacy teachers

Teachers training is offered

A motivational session is conducted for the learners

Classes are conducted on regular basis and monitored once a month by our master trainer

End of the program certificate awarding ceremony if held (optional)


The company has to pay only for the books. We charge for the traveling and accommodation, if the venue of the training is outside Karachi, Lahore, or Islamabad where as the training is offered free of cost.

We will be happy to introduce you to the heads of companies who had this program in their organization. Please contact us to initiate this program in your organization.


Contact for details

Hundreds of literacy centers are operational at any given moment. We will be glad to arrange for your visit to a literacy center where you can interact with the learners and their teacher. Call Ms Humaira Kaleem at (+92)21-34970331 or 0321-9203855 for more information.