Agahi Wins Big!

Agahi Wins Big! TCF, a non-profit education, wanted to provide literacy to out-of-school kids in underprivileged areas. LPF created a 4 months Agahi program for this purpose. After this program, people can read newspapers, write letters, manage finances, etc. Winner of UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy 2017. LPF is making research-based programs for 20 years […]

Importance of Madrasa Education in Pakistan

Importance of Madrasa Education in Pakistan Madrasa education in Pakistan is one of the prime teaching systems. It gives students religious education and also teaches them about the lesson of the Quran. They also get to know beliefs and religious books. This starts soon after they get a basic understanding. Students from all age groups […]

Workers Education

Workers Education About 29% of Pakistan’s adult population has low or no literary skills. Most of them didn’t get an education because of poverty. Therefore, they had to start earning at a very young age. They are still working and have no time to learn. The best possible way to focus on workers education is […]

Women Education

Read the journey of Ghazala. Who studied, did a teaching course and found a job. All during a pandemic. With LPF women education program.

How Adult Learning Improves Insight potential

Help teach 60 million non-literate youth in Pakistan. With LPF adult learning program. Only 2-hours a day. We give training, assessments, etc.

Women Empowerment

Read Mumtaz’s journey with LPF. A story from Kakapir village. About women empowerment. From the first literate girl to teaching the village.

پاکستان میں تیز ترین سیکھنے والا پروگرام

پاکستان میں تیز ترین سیکھنے والا پروگرام۔ خوشخبری ! ایک غیرتعلیم یافتہ شخص صرف چار سال میں ہفتے میں 6 دن روزانہ 2 گھنٹے پڑھ کر میٹرک پاس کرسکتا ہے. بلاشبہ یہ پاکستان کا سب سے پہلا سائنسی طور پر بنایا گیا اور وسیع پیمانے پر تجربہ کیا گیا پروگرام ہے۔ یہ پروگرام تحقیقی […]

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Welcome to Literate Pakistan Foundation!
Welcome to Literate Pakistan Foundation!