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LPF Jugnoo Urdu literacy program is the easiest way to learn Urdu reading and writing. Along with Urdu, it also teaches Math. Math helps learners while selling or purchasing.

This 180-hour long Urdu literacy program is the quickest. The students only need two hours a day for ninety days. However, individuals can spend more time. Those who spend more than two hours a day can end the program even earlier. Overall, it takes just three months. Our Jugnoo Urdu program enables a person to do the following.

  • Read an Urdu newspaper.
  • Write a letter in the Urdu language.
  • Do everyday math.

People from different backgrounds can benefit from this LPF  literacy program. That’s because it’s a scientifically designed Urdu literacy program. The program gradually teaches easy to difficult competencies. At the end of the program, learners are able to achieve grade five level Urdu skills. Following are some of its salient features.

  • Learn alphabets with phonics
  • Reading with lower case letters
  • Vocabulary
  • Introduction, Identification Practice and Review (IIPR)
  • Reading and writing skills

The benefits of the LPF Urdu literacy program has made it popular in Pakistan. People around the country choose to use this. Moreover, helpful resources make teaching hassle-free.

The program includes easy to use resources. Furthermore, the best resources are free of cost. Here are the resource materials for the program.

  • Baseline assessment
  • Monthly assessments
  • Assessment
  • Teaching manual
  • Daily planner
  • End of Training certificate for individuals trained by us to teach this program.
  • End of Literacy Program certificate for learners.
  • Digital flyers, handouts & banners for program promotion

We try our best to make sure every learner achieves the Urdu literacy targets. Hence, we carry out various activities to survey program success. We conduct the following for learners.

  • Baseline assessment
  • Book completion test

 Along with learners, we also assess the teachers and center. Here’s what we do it.

  • Assess the center environment
  • Evaluate the teacher
  • Grade teacher performance

This program teaches learners the basic and necessary skills. These skills help them in their daily lives. Such as reading the latest news to writing groceries.

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