Remedial Program

Aghaz remedial covers basic educational skills. It can enable a student to meet their class level in a limited time.

Aghaz is a research-based program. It improves the learning skills of students. Moreover, it makes them a high achieving student in a short time.

Aghaz covers basic educational skills for three main subjects. Any student that needs assistance in these subjects can obtain the program. It has helped students of grade 1 to 7 and even above. Aghaz programme builds their basic educational skills in just two months. The program can help them succeed in the following.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematical sums

The Aghaz program consists of two packages. Each package includes three basic subjects to achieve basic educational skills. Aghaz covers the skills for following subjects.

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Math

 Package A outlines basic concepts for Class 1 to 3 level.

Package B explains advanced concepts for Class 4 to 7.

With a great curriculum, Agzaz includes great supporting material as well. The supporting material of the Aghaz program includes

  • Teachers training
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Teachers Training

Teachers training is an important part of our program. That’s because it helps teachers implement the program. The teaching method for this curriculum is unique. Hence, our master trainers skilfully deliver this training. They train the teacher to give students basic educational skills.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We have a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system. We evaluate and monitor the teachers, learners, and centres. Such as, we check the following.

  • Centre progress
  • Teaching method
  • Concept understanding by learner
  • Environment of centre
  • Dropout rate (with reason)
  • Success rate

How do we monitor and evaluate?

To ensure the best quality, we carry out different activities. It helps us monitor and evaluate. Therefore, we conduct them throughout the program.

  • A baseline assessment
  • An evaluation test (after book)
  • Asset centre’s environment
  • Evaluate teacher’s training method
  • Grading learner performance
  • Grading teacher performance
  • Progress assessment

Start the Aghaz program in your school or home. With Aghaz, you can build a strong education foundation of your students.

Resource material :

  1. Teacher manual
  2. Daily planner
  3. Assessment Papers
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