Now its possible to attain literacy without attending any classes. This app enables a person to gain literacy in a short time, independently. No tuition required. The interactive app starts with the sounds of alphabets and completes with letter writing practices. Repeat as many times as you like. Practice as much as you want. You can have this app loaded in a mobile tablet and 5 students can use the tablet at one time to become literate. The pronunciation and voices used are of highly skilled educators that helps students learn to read with correct intonation and accent. The app has stories, poems and self assessments for interesting and dynamic learning experience.



Click here to download the application for android phones.



Click here to download the application for computer (Windows/Mac)

Jugnoo Urdu App has completed the pilot testing phase. This pilot testing was organized by Dawood Foundation. Oasis Insight, Pakistan’s leading marketing research organization, was hired by Dawood Foundation to verify the results of this pilot testing phase. Click here to view the report produced by Oasis Insight.

The report confirms that Jugnoo Urdu App is effective in making a person literate independently. By using this App, a person can learn to read and write Urdu without ever going to a class or receiving any help from a teacher.

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People who benefit from our programs come from all age groups, covering all segments of the society. The LPF vision is to help provide literacy to all. Therefore, we developed literacy programs for all segments of Pakistani society. The number of individuals who have benefits from our programs runs into thousand. Here’s a list of segments that can benefit.

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