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Literacy is the way of changing the thought pattern and way of leading life in adults. It is a life changing phenomena, making adults able to navigate their lives through this idea. Adult education literacy is about having skills to put letters together to make words and to put the words together to understand and then to express them in even more complex form of the idea.

Illiteracy has always remained a hurdle in the development of an individual’s personality and in the progress of a nation where every person plays an important role. Many adults are reluctant to share and admit their literacy difficulties. To motivate adults with low literacy level is by increasing their self-esteem and pursuing them to adopt literacy as a life changing phenomena.

Literacy In adult

Literate Pakistan Foundation has witnessed this life changing phenomena through their informal education system in almost all areas of Pakistan. Jugnoo series of Literate Pakistan Foundation has enlightened massive lives eradicating illiteracy and providing them a new vision to make their journey towards their mission.

Literate Pakistan Foundation is serving in adult literacy since a decade. The exclusively designed books for basic Urdu, English literacy, and primary education has benefited people residing on the peaks of mountains to the remote and barren lands, without any discrimination of color, cast, race or language.

Literate Pakistan Foundation has experienced heart-warming, astonishing, electrifying moments when people from less privileged backgrounds come forward confidently and share their success stories about how Jugnoo books have transformed their lives. It gives goosebumps to the people seeing middle and old aged ladies engaged with their grandkids helping in their home works and assignments just because they have been exposed to this curriculum which has become a source to change their lives.

Recognizing the fact that adult literacy is the key to improving people’s living standard. Literate Pakistan Foundation is implementing this program with a mission to eradicate illiteracy.


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