Importance of Madrasa (Islamic Education) in Pakistan

Islamic Education in Pakistan

Madrasa Education in Pakistan is one of Pakistan’s prime teaching systems. Moreover, it gives students religious education and also teaches them about the lesson of the Quran. They also get to know beliefs and religious books in Islamic education. In addition, this starts soon after they get a basic understanding.

Moreover, students from all age groups can enrol in Madrasa. There is also no set age to pass out from it. In addition, that’s because the prime focus is on the pupil’s knowledge rather than the time.

At present, Madrasa education in Pakistan is considered because:

  • Madarsa Education is a powerful way to change lives and ideas.
  • Brings people closer to values of Islam
  • Teach people about Quran and Sunnah
  • Develop people spiritually
  • Guides people to live a peaceful life
  • Brings people closer to Allah
  • Help them become an honest citizen of a country
  • Islamic education also helps in making a better society

Madrasa Education in Pakistan - Source of education for underprivileged

Most poor people who cannot afford private schools go to Madrasa. Moreover, many people belong to poor backgrounds. This is why they are away from school. In addition, they can’t afford costly books and education.

The students in Madarsa also have big dreams in life. Some want to become doctors, teachers or lawyers. Others want to make a career as engineers or journalists.

The missing link in Madarsa Education System

Furthermore, Madrasa education in Pakistan is spread everywhere across the country. But there’s still a missing link that stops the system from ranking at the top. In addition, Madarsa learning in Pakistan suffers some crises such as lack of:

  • Course
  • Trained teaching staff
  • Crucial tools

Moreover, there is a lack of proper personal guidance. Madarsa students face a lack of confidence. Furthermore, students who pass out from Madarsa lacks aims. This lack of aim also goes up to a global level.

How to bridge the gap in Madrasa education in Pakistan?

Islamic Education in Pakistan

In addition, Madrasa students should also learn modern education such as:

  • Language and Literature
  • Information technologies
  • Social sciences
  • Professional fields such as engineering, medicine, etc.

How Literate Pakistan Foundation (LPF) helps to improve Madrasa education?

Madrasa Education in Pakistan

Literate Pakistan Foundation (LPF) knows that Islam gives a high value to education. This is why it has made a fast track course. Moreover, it helps everyone finish their learning in a short time with their Islamic education. There is no age limit for learning from the LPF syllabus. Furthermore, here’s how LPF helps:

  • Madarsa students can learn well in just two or three hours daily
  • Fast-track programs for overaged students
  • Easy-to-difficult lessons
  • Free daily video lessons
  • Become Aalim or Mufti
  • Train teachers
  • For all kinds of students even those who are not familiar with Urdu

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