Education and Development

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Education and development is the necessary factor to transform the present state of the society into a prosperous one. Education is the only tool that is needed for the development of the country. It is the process of teaching and learning knowledge and skills. A person with knowledge knows how to use his information in a good manner and able to create fine patterns through which expanding education become easy for the development of his country.

Development refers to the term that a country is having good infrastructure, biodiversity and climate change.

Education is the basic right of every human being. Illiteracy gives rise to the poverty and declination of the nation. Lower literacy rate is associated with the reasons like cultural conflicts, restrictions on girls and boys upon receiving education and poverty. On the contrary, the lower and sub-standard education systems are giving knowledge to the learner in a limited way and the learner is only able to think and work in a bounded environment.


Education and Development


There are many non-governmental organizations around the world who are working together to expand the awareness through education and development around the globe even in the backward countries so that they can achieve equal level as the developed countries and able to stand with them in global conferences and in other strategies. The NGOs that are associated with education and development programs are as follows;

  • The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • World Bank
  • World Economic Forum


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a Paris based agency of United Nations that aim to provide quality education to the people in all desired and possible levels that causes them to use their knowledge and skills to develop in all aspects. UNESCO is on the mission to transform several illiterate countries into the literate ones by reorienting education so that every individual is able to accept and resolve the challenges that are faced by the under developing countries. UNESCO has proposed different programs regarding Education and Development that can be find here.

World Bank

The World Bank is the international financial institution that provides loans to the countries to offer their capital programs regarding infrastructure developments and education. World Bank has proposed the program named as “Education for Global Development”. In the starting of year 2011, The World Bank called a conference at the “Educational World Forum” that took place in London with the theme of “Education for Economic Success” in which education ministers and leaders were presented from over 75 countries. That conference was all about how to invest the funds wisely and smartly in the education for global development program. You can find every detail about this program here.

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is the Swiss non-profit foundation, based in Cologny, Geneva. World Economic Forum is aiming to provide education for everyone regardless of gender inequality and poverty that is necessary for the development of every nation. This foundation is committed to improve the state of the undeveloped country globally by making education as the compulsory factor for every individual. It has a powerful agenda in expanding the education worldwide. By following this link you are able to view their agenda.


UKFIET is United Kingdom based forum that has an intention to provide and monitor general excellence of standard education at an equal level for every individual that helps in development of under development countries around the world. They organize conferences through which they are able to keep check on the teaching and learning methods and for that they have their own curriculum, cognition and context. In April 2017, they called a meeting with Scottish resource and development that joins hand with United Kingdom government to provide education and bring down the illiteracy rate. To read more about their goals, click here.

Therefore, a variety of non-governmental organizations and foundations are working together to bring down the illiteracy rate around the globe through education, which is the only way for the development of society and hence, for the country.

Some of the rules that should be followed by the governments to make sure that everyone is acquiring knowledge in their country that includes

  • The improved curriculum must be provided at all levels.
  • Government schools should be provided with qualified teachers.
  • All private school association must ensure that the monthly fee is affordable for everyone.
  • Make sure that the partnering countries are having fine communication between them.
  • Ensuring that no girls are left behind in homes while expanding education in villages.
  • Every child should be provided with quality education and health benefits.

Youth of every nation is considered as the asset of the country and it plays a vital role in the development of a country. If the youth of the country is educated then it is a biggest investment in strengthening and prosperity of the country.

Youth under the age of 25 years constitutes 63% of the total population of Pakistan. The political leaders are now targeting the youth to follow their movements, why? Because youth has the power to move the country into the next phase of political and economic independence.

Literate Pakistan Foundation (LPF) is empowering the people of Pakistan, regardless of age and gender, through education. Literate Pakistan Foundation is expanding its roots in education and development hence trying to decrease the illiteracy rate from Pakistan. We have proposed an extra ordinary curriculum named as, “Jugnoo”, which is the series of books including English and Urdu that enables every individual to read and write in a very short span of time and this is being a greatest achievement so far. Students from several educational centers are running street schools that are free of cost and they are teaching our series of books. Some schools are also offering our curriculum and achieving good ranks in educational ratings.

For more details about our foundation visit to our website







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