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Adult education is about involving adults in a practice to gain new forms of knowledge and a valuable experience. This form of education help adults acquires new forms of skills and information.

Adult education is a practice where adults are engaged to experience new learning. They learn skills and knowledge which help them boost their professional life. Adult education encompasses the basic literacy to personal fulfillment as a lifelong learner. During this phase of educating themselves, they learn new and positive attitudes and values as well. Adult education is the reflection of the thoughts that adults are willing to learn, and this learning will be a response to their needs itself.

Adults education

Adult education is beyond tradition schooling as it is done in many ways and in many contexts due to the different situations in adult’s lives. Basically there are three different contexts in which adult education can be done.

Formal: A program with set and defined curriculum which carries credentials as well. This kind of learning actually takes place in institutions.

Non formal: This could be done at adults’ workplace through social, welfare or nonprofit organizations in collaboration with educational institutions or literacy departments or organizations. In this context learners are not provided with any credentials.

Informal: It involves continuous learning containing activities related to work, family, community or leisure.

Adult education is different from children education in several ways as adults’ work experience and their knowledge can be added to their learning experience. Adults willing to bring a positive change in their lives can be seen self-motivated and enthusiastic. They manage their time wisely to keep balance between work and studies. They have an internal motivation to learn and thus they experience with a rich source of learning

Adult education may contain several purposes such as vocational training, social training or self-development and any of this purpose can be a reflection to the goal of adults pursuing their education. The goals adults set could be anything varying from satisfying their personal needs to achieve their personal goals.

The adult education aims to achieve human fulfillment, improves persons’ operational effectiveness and productivity. It helps to grow society by enabling citizens to grow society by enabling citizens to grow and empower themselves with the societal change and experience, a valuable change in their personality to maintain good social order.

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